Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rooney's possible destination...(before the new contract)

Well, footballers these days just can't be loyal to one club they have,
for instance Ryan Giggs is still a MAN UTD,
Paolo Maldini ends up with AC MILAN till retirement,
Alessandro Del Piero is still a JUVE...why can't they stay...???
Well for a man who once said "Once a blue, always a blue"(maybe he didn't hit puberty when saying that...ooopss...nah...who knows...)
But hey, maybe this is a bit outdated, as he already sign a new contract at 'Theater of Dreams', but a possibility of a move would sure to come that is depend on decide..

Lets have a look at some of the possible transfers...  

With the evidence that Rooney and Ronaldo's great partnership during Ronaldo's time at MAN UTD, it would be marvelous to sign him, but REAL decided not to.

Rooney : Love the prospect to play with Ronaldo again, but pity that guy's such an a**.
While my mama thinks I was the 'special one'

Wenger said the he wasn't interested in him, not that Rooney gonna be intriguing to go there
Rooney : didn't I tell ya "once a blue, always a blue..." especially with Arsenal on my head, MAN UTD is a different red actually...

It might be appealing to be with the Euro champs but with Rafa's there, it says otherwise...haha
Rooney : I think I can bag the euro Golden boot if I'll be there, but then again so could Adrian Mutu.

With Barca only added David Villa into he club, not to mention Ibrahimovic going back to Italy,
they can add Rooney to form another fantastic four (Villa, Messi, Rooney, Pedro?)
Rooney : It would be fantastic to go there, but can they get me? >.<

I'm sure almost all MAN UTD fans wants their talisman to stay...but so too the talisman of any other clubs as well...

there's more pictures of him in another clubs as well, CLICK HERE for more...
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