Sunday, December 19, 2010

One of the important things...(Quran verse inspired)

credit this site for the inspiring picture...

One of the crux of the life of the human beings is never ever to forget this...
This is the one of the important things that not only Muslims should remember,
but also for brothers and sisters in humanity to remember...

Even when you're locked away from any sort of danger that you can imagine,
Even if you're the most famous person on the face of the planet,
Even if you're the most protected person in an organization, 
Even if you're the strongest man alive;

No matter who you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, whenever the time is,
Always remember that DEATH is inevitable when the time comes,
You may cheat DEATH as some people call it,
But you can't escape DEATH forever,
As all the living have its ending;

Make full use of your life,
Doing good deeds,
Repent, stop the bad habits,
Forgive and forget,
Love not hate;

Because you'll never know whether tomorrow,
Will you be able to see the beautiful sky?,
 Will you able to hear the birds' chirp?
Will you be able to smell the fragrance of the environment?
Will you be able to taste the contents of the world?

You decide...
"An intelligent person is the one who's constantly thinking about and preparing for DEATH" (Muhammad SAW)

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readquranonline said...

Very nice site. Enjoyed looking at everything as well as reading it. Thank you

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