Saturday, July 31, 2010


As I read My Favorite Wife written by Tony Parson - still haven't finish though - the story gave me a taste of how a married man handle his family. Then I started to imagine myself in that position.

Oh man...*sigh.
I went back home again with many purpose in mind. First of all, my grandpa's birthday celebration, not to say we'll have a big party, but by visiting him to see how he's progressing. As far as I know, he's still at fine shape even though at his 76th already. As saying goes, "the further you went, the more you see", I love to listen to his experience, albeit some are not applicable in today's life, but the the moral of it suitable enough to influence your life.

Like an old true story from the middle east where Ali was a respectful leader to his people, i'm not sure it's in the fasting month which is obligatory or not or just 'sunat' fasting (sunat = not compulsory, can choose to do or not), but he and his whole family were fasting.

There were 3 days, the first day, by the time to break their fast, an orphan came knocking asking for food to eat, the food that he have are only enough to feed he and his family and for the next day's 'sahur' (start the fast of a day in the earliest of mornings), but Ali agreed to give all the food to the orphan and he and his family decide to break their fast with cold water.

The next day, Ali and his family sahur with cold water. By the time to break their fast, this time, a poor person and an old man came to him and ask for food to break the fast. Again, with the feel of guilt towards his family, but again his family agree to give the food to the poor person. Once again, they all break their fast and sahur the next day with cold water.

The next day, same thing happen to Ali and his family again, this time, a war prisoner was just been released and came to Ali to ask for food so that he could go back to his hometown. Again, his family agrees to offer food and they break their fast with cold water.

Well, this is not a complete true story, because there's few parts missing. Well, the story thought me patience, and be a more donor-loving person, as today's leaders, even some politicians only putting themselves ahead of their people, which led us to some injustice occurred to some people today. As Ramadhan fasting month is coming soon, it's time for Muslims to get prepared and I hope to have a wonderful and blessed Ramadhan as we might not get to see the next Ramadhan in the next year.

Fasting is not just for religious purposes only, its good for health too, you know.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Movies addiction

hmm...this was the second time in 2 weeks I went back home, a thing that rarely did in the past semesters. Well to be honest I think its a good thing, because it'll be hard to see them in the next 3-4 years in Australia. As for my dad, thank you Allah, he's back to the way he should be, and I'm hoping and pray for him to live longer. I want him to see me success in the future. He was worried about my grades rather than angry and mad at me. Instead, he encouraged me to do all-out in this final semester. As for my mom, same as always, but I do feel sometimes her temper is quite a nuisance but hey a mother got to do what every mother does, want her children to be a better person.

Back to the topic related, as my home internet is way much faster than here, I manage to download some of this year's movies plus the recently released in the cinema. Some are camera recorded, some are DVD quality. One of the movies downloaded was Avatar : The Last Airbender, supposed to be released in the cinema on the August 8, but luck was on my side, and I just finished watching them. haha...Well, how the story goes, I can't tell you, I don't want to spoil the movie. Other movies downloaded was Shanghai, Grown Ups, Cop Out, Death At a funeral, The Last Song, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Backup Plan, How to make love to a woman, Knight and day, The diary of a wimpy kid and Repomen. All of these will be shared in DC++, to make it much simpler, just ask from me. Well, I hope I can take some time to watch all the movies, with a lot of workloads coming in. It's better to start planning now, than never. "There's no time for those who wait, but there's time for those who act."
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Australian Bulletin FM - Episode 9 [Public transport should be priority]

Ms. Lee Rhiannon, Greens senate candidate also a former NSW upper house member is urging for a more attention public transport. Speaking ahead of the election - will be held on August 21 - she said that Australia is the only OECD nation in which endorsing in public transport is not the responsibility of the Federal Government. She also request a more concentration on commercial rail, downsizing the amount of delivery trucks congesting the Sydney Western roadways followed by ending the subsides on B-double trucks. Furthermore, employment will be created when there's increase in the federal investment on this matter. Besides that, Ms Rhiannon mentions about the effects towards the environment as a consequence of imbalance between road and rail. According to a senate inquiry, it's found out that only $1.5 billion and $2.2 billion spent on public transport and rail respectively, compared to $58 billion on roads.

In my opinion, to think some governments do not have say for their own locals is quite a sad thing, not to mention less caring about the environment. This is quite common these days, local government is not concerning about their local's welfare and let the non-government organization to work. Public transport is a essential to every country in the world. In fact, it will ameliorate the country in terms of less pollution and less traffic congestion. For the benefit of the people, the Australian government need to act to tackle this issue, not only before the election but also after the new government forms.

Original article CLICK HERE
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Australia Bulletin FM - Episode 8

Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) boss Sepp Blatter finally answers the call of baffled fans throughout the world following the injustices endured by England and Mexico in the recent World Cup in South Africa. With Frank Lampard's disallowed goal for England against Germany and Carlos Tevez's allowed his goal for Argentina against Mexico that should have been ruled offside, Sepp Blatter - despite of ruling out the goal-line technology issue before the recent World Cup - alerted by this and stated that the issue should be brought as early as possible. The resolution is, there will be five officials used in a match for domestic leagues such in France, Brazil, and Mexico, as well as both Europa League and UEFA Champions League. Meanwhile, the England and Scotland FA are considering technologies instead.

In my opinion, technologies are quite helpful these days and even in sports competition like tennis also use the line technology. However, a mix of human labor is good too, not to mention about keeping the unemployment rate at a natural level. All in all, humans can't run away from making mistakes, but we can avoid the same mistake if we learn from it.

Orignal article CLICK HERE
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Australia Bulletin FM - Episode 7

A bacterium is dubbed as "Conan the Bacterium" as some scientist believed it to be a potential candidate for the propagation of life between planets in the primeval days of the solar system. The bug called 'Deinococcus Radiodurans' was exposed to powerful radiation, extremely cold temperatures and a vacuum which was originally used to hasten conditions found on rocks from outer space. Nevertheless, Deinococcus Radiodurans survives and even regenerate after normal conditions despite the conditions such that it can destroy almost any known organism.

A small research done by me shows that Deinococcus Radiodurans has been listed as the world's toughest bacterium in The Guinness Book of Records. On he bright side, I found it is not harmful human being plus, they are genetically engineered for use in Bio-remediation to consume and digest solvents and heavy metals, even in a highly radioactive site. Interesting isn't it.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Australia Bulletin FM - Episode 6

British administration announced the public by stressing that they will not follow France's footsteps by banning women from wearing the 'burqa' as Damian Green added that the move will show Britain's disrespect towards the society. However, the decision made by the Immigration Minister may thwart some Tory MPs including Philip Hollobone who will made clear to the public that he disagree with women to cover their face in public. Indeed, A recent survey by YouGov shows 67 per cent of voters agree of wearing of full-face veils. Moreover, Mr Hollobone has supported the voices of approving the rule following a last week's 335-1 vote in the French National Assembly that approves the law to be implemented. Mr Green the claim he was announcing that the British administration want to tight-fist the immigration policy in Britain to lessen illegal immigration.

In my opinion, I don't quite understand what is happening to some people whom unable to accept just a small issue like the wearing of the burqa. It's just a practice in Islam, a religious apparel. Besides, that burqa won't even hurt a fly. You can't force others to behave like all the people in the country. They have their own rights of what to wear.
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